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jns steven 1.jpg

with Steven Bernstein and Teddy Kumpel at the Turning Point, Piermont, NY

with the Bobby Deitch Band, Memorial Park, Nyack, NY

shapeshifter ad.jpg
reich perowsky 55.jpg

home studio

with Rob Reich and Ben Perowsky at the 55 Bar, NYC

concentrics bw.jpg

with the Concentrics in Astoria, NYC

olives bendy drummer.jpg

with the Bendy Effect at Olives, Nyack, NY

DR and friends casa.jpg
bendy percell olives.jpg
ecstatic with scott at mos.jpg
ellie olives sign.jpg
mos lp cool.jpg
cat VT.jpg

with the Bendy Effect, Nyack, NY

with the Cat Dail Band, Putney, VT

with FIG at Maureen's Jazz Cellar, Nyack, NY

Maureen's Jazz Cellar, Nyack, NY

christmas boy.jpg

me a couple of years ago

with Dave Reiss and Friends, Casa Del Sol, Nyack, NY

fig at scotts funny.jpg

FIG (Frank Colonnato on drums, Scott Hogan on bass)

shulman 55.jpg

practicing in the Catskills

andes lp field 1.jpeg

JNS at the 55 Bar with Matt Shulman, Toshi Someya, and Eric Halvorson

with Chris Pasin, Erik Lawrence, Marvin Bugalu Smith and Mark Hagan

(and an unnamed melodica player), Old Fashioned, Nyack, NY

Battle of the Bands, Ward Melville H.S., circa 1985

FIG at the Turning Point, Piermont, NY

JNS frame 300 dpi w names.jpg

JNS with Eric Halvorson, Toshi Someya, and Ben Stivers ("Crying and Laughing" band), Freddy's, Brooklyn

Original JNS, from "ONE": Chris Michael, Toshi Someya, and Lars Aakesson


With hilarious Finnish comedian, Ismo, at the Gotham Comedy Club, NYC

andes maks faded.jpeg

Enormous outdoor festival, Catskills


Dithyramb at the 55 Bar: Bob Meyer, Harvey S, Tim Armacost, and me, bent over like I have abdominal cramps. Chris Pasin out of view.

trail magic recording.jpeg

Trail Magic band in NYC during the recording of "Trail Magic." Walter Fischbacher, Aviv Cohen, me, and Christian Howes.

goofy with Teddy.jpeg

Getting serious with Teddy Kumpel after some recording, Brooklyn, NY.

DR Joel halloween.jpg

Post Nyack Halloween Parade with Dave Reiss


My first jazz group in NYC: John Neish, Jim Parrella, and Dave Ruffels (not pictured). Sidewalk Cafe, East Village.

ray ptown.jpeg

Chance Provincetown run-in with drumming legend and occasional partner in musical crime, Ray LeVier.

studio extra cropped.jpg

home studio

joel and eric sm.jpeg

with Eric Halvorson and JNS, 55 Bar, NYC

JNS clip.jpeg
Cornelia bw.jpg

At Cornelia St Cafe, NYC

curly shining.jpeg

Me and Curly

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